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Corporate Drumming
Corporate Drumming is a cost-effective way to reduce stress, boost morale, and improve productivity. Fortune 500 companies across the country are now holding weekly employee drum circles as an expression of their commitment to team-building and employee satisfaction.

Enlarge the picture from the Winston-Salem Journal Sunday February 22, 2004.

The Bottom Line on Drumming

The bottom line is that drumming saves money, according to the findings of a new study (Bittman, et al., 2004). When employees of a Pennsylvania company participated in drumming sessions with their co-workers, economic analysts projected a 18.3% reduction in turnover, saving the company $89,100 in costs associated with training new hires. That’s a return on investment of $60.57 saved for every dollar invested! Moreover, study author Dr. Barry Bittman found that six weeks after the sessions ended, participants continued to report a 62 percent improvement in mood, suggesting that the benefits of drumming can continue long after the music has ended.

The Science Behind Corporate Drumming

The economic and health benefits of drumming have been scientifically researched and documented in many major publications including USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times, and several top medical journals Scientists have found that corporate drumming can increase employee retention, improve mood, and reduce stress levels – all of which can have a big impact when it comes down to the bottom line.

For more about the science behind corporate drumming . . .

Why Toyota Drums

Toyota recently spent $20,000 to outfit a room on the top floor of its training center in Torrance, Calif., with drums for 40 people. Drum circles are held about twice a week, and more than 3,000 Toyota associates have participated in drum circles. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and so have the results. "It was such a powerful metaphor for high-performance teaming and what those high-performance teams can look like," said associate development manager for Toyota, Ron "R.J." Johnson. "It was, indeed, an incredible adventure in team building for our associates."

The Outcomes You Can Expect for Your Company

Corporate drumming creates a powerful metaphor for effective teamwork, while improving mood and decreasing fatigue. The results you can expect for your company is that drumming will . . .
  • Reduce Stress
  • Boost morale
  • Re-ignite purpose
  • Increase workplace satisfaction
  • Improve employee loyalty
  • Infuse creativity

We’re Ready!

If you’re ready for a quote on a corporate drumming program for your company, please contact the TTM Winston-Salem office at 336-774-3898. Our corporate drumming programs use the tradition of the drum to create results for your team. Prior musical experience is not necessary and we provide all the drums needed for your team. Let us provide a powerful drumming experience that will have a lasting impact on your organization!

Contact the TTM Winston-Salem office at 336-774-3898 or send email:

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