New 1-Year Format!

We’ve Changed the Length of This Training From Two Years to One Year!

 Same Music! Same Fun! More Condensed Format!

In The Words of Past Graduates . . .

“It’s been a phenomenal training!  Everything has come to a new level.  We saw a whole new side of drumming and it opened so many new doors for me.  Life changing!”

“This has been a great training to develop my drumming expertise.  It’s given me the skills and development to share this with others and use drumming as a healing work.”

“It’s not just about the drum and the rhythms, there’s something else here, something bigger.  All of the people in the group have become such close friends and I feel I’ve been able to grow so much!”

Who Is This Training For?

This training is not just for those who want to teach; it’s for anyone who has the desire and dedication to take their drumming to the next level. Many of the past graduates entered this program not because they wanted to learn to be an instructor, but because they saw something greater in drumming they wanted to get in touch with.

Upon completion of this training, you will be solidly rooted at an entirely new level of drumming. For those who want to teach, sharing with others will then be a natural and easy process. Additionally, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from TTM WS that you can use in promoting your own classes and workshops. Finally, you will be well along the way to achieving the TTM International Certified Beginner Instructor status, having passed one of several assessments towards this requirement during the course of this training. (Read more about the TTM International Certified Beginner Instructor certification)

What Will I Learn In This Training?

This training covers several areas of study in the curriculum of the TTM Djembe Academy. From traditional West African music and technique, to instruction on how to lead groups, you will get in-depth training in the curriculum we’ve built our international school on. In each area of study you will gain a high level of proficiency with the skills and material, then learn how to pass your accomplishments along to others. At the end of each session you will go home with hot hands, a happy heart, and a smile on your face!

Some of the many areas of study in which you will gain in-depth training include:

  • Traditional djembe and dunun rhythms
  • Technique and sound refinement for djembe
  • Teaching and leadership skills for instructors
  • Rudiments for developing proper djembe movement, aligned with the traditional logic
  • Rolls
  • Djembe language (various chauffs, blocages that work with the dunun, blocages that work with the dance, etc.)
  • Dunun language (including variations, chauffs etc.)
  • General djembe education (various tips and information around the world of the djembe that every educated musician should know)

Training Logistics


New enrollments are accepted only at the beginning of each one-year cycle. Class meets one Saturday per month.  Please email us at to be added to the list of interested students for the next round of training.  We will notify you well in advance once we have scheduled the start date for the next training cycle.

Length of Training:

12 months. New enrollments are accepted only at the beginning of each one-year cycle.


Training sessions are held at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 2690 Fairlawn Drive, Winston Salem.


$165 per class session ($155 for Club TTM Members).   The fee for the final test will be $240.


This class is not open to new beginners.  You should have at least the following experience:

1)  Previous structured study of the djembe with a teacher in a class setting

2)  Familiarity with the three basic sounds of the djembe:  bass, tone and slap

3)  Exposure to the djembe accompaniments for some of the standard rhythms in the djembe repertoire (for example Kuku, Soli, Moribayassa, etc)

4)  It is also helpful, but not required, if you have some level of exposure to the three basic rolls, 4-stroke, 5-stroke and 6-stroke.

Text Books: 

We respectfully request that you please buy the following books as text books for the training . . .

1)    A Life For the Djembe, Mamady Keita (available here)

2)    Nankama, The Tradition Continues, Mamady Keita (available here)

3)    Curriculum for Traditional Djembe and Dunun, Mamady Keita (available here)


Each group member is a unique and valuable contribution to the training, and the cumulative nature of the material makes regular attendance very important. Over the course of the 12-month training, each group member is allowed one absence. For each absence beyond the permitted one, the group member is required to pay the full session fee of $165 ($155 for Club TTM Members).

For Reservations or More Information

Please email us at to be added to the list of interested students for the next round of training.  We will notify you well in advance once we have scheduled the start date for the next training cycle.  We currently expect the next start date to be in October of 2018.
For questions regarding this training, please contact us at 336-774-3898 or


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More from past Graduates . . .

“I have derived huge benefit in DIT and have watched my students derive huge benefit.”

“I have always felt connected to the drums in general and this training has given me the tools I need to truly express myself through the medium of the djembe.”

“I’ve exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to be a better drummer and instructor. I’ve achieved that and have gained a lot more confidence in myself.”

“I knew so very little before I started this class. As a result of training and a lot of practice and hard work, I feel I have come miles in my understanding of the djembe and it is reflected in my playing.”

“The greatest gift, other than the knowledge, was facing my performance anxiety. I am so much more relaxed and have more fun plus learning is easier.”

“My ability on dunun and bell is like night and day compared to when I began DIT.”

“I feel like the DIT program gave me the vocabulary I needed to speak through my drum rather than just play it. I now feel confident in my knowledge of the djembe, and that in turn makes me feel like I have more to share with people.”

“Learning through TTM I know I am getting the information directly from the source.”

“I have forged new friendships with people I might not have otherwise known at all, and that continues to open up doors for me on what seems to be a weekly basis.”

“It has been great to see my progress as I’ve discovered I can teach and improve as a player, and how much my students have improved as a result of my DIT training.”

“It’s so exciting to reach my goal of making a living sharing this music.”

“I am stronger and clearer in myself.”

“I have found that the science of the rhythms are just as beautiful as the feeling that originally drew me to the drum.”

“My djembe has become a trusted guide and a continuous source of healing for me. Playing djembe helps me refocus my attention on the positive side of life.”

“When I take the focus off me (ego) and shift it to the process, I stay present and I progress.”

“I now try to stay focused on the first principle of the djembe: Awareness!”

“I am having much more fun and less anxiety performing.”

“I am not only using this as an opportunity to teach drumming and to share cultural information but to teach life skills as well, such as team building, respect, awareness, focus, etc.”

“I’ve made mistakes and learned from those mistakes. I will make more and learn more.”

“It is almost as if I can now speak another language. I hear the music in a new way and now understand conversations between drums.”

“I have a lot more solo techniques in my repertoire to draw from when I solo.”

“Some opportunities that spring in your path if you listen to your heart just have to be seized, no matter what the obstacles and sacrifices.”

“The djembe has taught me that I can learn anything I want. The only thing in my way is me.”

“I feel like more of an ‘insider’ now. I can sit down with the bros at dance class and have some confidence in the things I know”

“I had so many questions at the beginning I had been wanting to know for years.”